Your Expert Guide to Explaining and Exploring Using AI in HR technology

We are your Human Resources experts who create winning people strategies – blending future-of-work concepts with AI and Data Analytics – elevating the strategic value of your HR function for your business.

4.9 out of 5 stars from 47 reviews

Your Expert Guide to Explaining and Exploring Using AI in HR technology

We are your Human Resources experts who create winning people strategies – blending future-of-work concepts with AI and Data Analytics – elevating the strategic value of your HR function for your business.

4.9 out of 5 stars from 47 reviews

Automate administration and compliance, accelerate deep data insights into forward looking insight, to fuel commercial success at every step

Revolutionizing Work: AI's Transformative Potential

It has the power to help manage talent, coach leaders and employees, perform complex tasks, integrate multiple ERP data tools to create 3D data insights and make your HR team look and act like talent strategy consultants driving commercial success.

AI gives us the power to intelligently manage the employee value proposition - by helping us quantify, interpret and create actionable insight across billions of data points. And personalising the experience for our people. From alchemy to astrophysics - in weeks in a few short months!

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Navigating the AI-Powered HR Revolution

Big Bear Partners is a leading consultancy firm that empowers HR professionals and organizations to harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the HR technology landscape. We provide comprehensive guidance and support across three key areas:

AI in HR Technology Software and Platforms

The HR function is undergoing a paradigm shift as AI permeates every aspect of talent management.

Building AI Applications in the HR Technology Marketspace

We empower HR technology innovators to create cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that disrupt the market & attract investors.

Engaging with Managed Service People Analytics Functions

We help organizations harness the power of managed service people analytics functions to gain deep insights into their workforce.

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We are a full-stack solution provider in the AI at work space

Big Bear Partners is your trusted guide to navigating the AI-powered HR revolution. We empower HR professionals and organizations to embrace AI as a strategic enabler to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and employee engagement.   

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We provide education, insight, tooling and empowerment

Our mission is to elevate the people operations function to a powerful and strategically relevant position to drive top and bottom line performance for your business.
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Our values are centred on your growth, AI adoption, successful outcomes and measureable results.
Our values are centred on your growth, AI adoption, successful outcomes and measureable results.
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We care about your vision and mission as if it were our own.
We care about your vision and mission as if it were our own.

Connecting the missing links between strategy, people, technology and culture

We are more than interim HR support. We create game – changing people solutions to help your people work smarter, quicker and more effectively. Our full range of services and expertise has helped emerging tech and bio tech companies be successful across the globe. 

From recruiting, onboarding, agile team effectiveness and high performing culture – we can prepare you for growth or adaptation and have the industry knowledge and experience to make a real impact in your business. 

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HR Compliance & Risk Assessment Tool

Package includes:

A comprehensive review and development plan for ensuring HR compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including data privacy, labour laws, and diversity standards. We’ll use technology to streamline compliance processes, establish risk assessment protocols, and create an ongoing compliance monitoring system.

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Employee Experience Enhancer

Package includes:

This product focuses on revamping the overall employee experience using technology. We assess the current employee journey, from onboarding to exit, and identify areas for improvement using digital tools. This may include implementing AI for personalized training, enhancing internal communication platforms, and using data analytics to improve engagement and satisfaction.

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Digital Learning & Development Hub

Package includes:

We’ll create a tailored plan to develop or enhance a digital learning and development platform for the client. This includes assessing current training methods, identifying skill gaps, and integrating modern digital tools and e-learning strategies. The aim is to facilitate continuous learning, remote training, and upskilling of employees, with a focus on aligning learning objectives with business goals. Implement a system for generating personalized training materials and resources, tailored to individual employee needs, skills gaps and learning styles. This enhances the effectiveness of training programs and employee engagement in learning and development activities.

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Workforce Analytics Optimization

Package includes:

Develop a tool to analyse historical data and predict future workforce needs, including potential skill gaps. This service helps HR leaders in strategic decision-making related to hiring, training, and talent development, aligning workforce planning with business objectives. Specifically, the category of Talent Marketplace addresses this area thoroughly.

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Hear what our incredible customers have to say!

“I worked with Jeff for two years. While I was at Kantar, Jeff led our organizational talent, transformation and governance efforts and was a key partner in the success I had taking a struggling 500 - person global IT shared services team and turning it into a successful services org with high customer satisfaction levels. Jeff's efforts in finding superior talent, driving transformative behaviours and strategies and providing coaching and guidance while also running a PMO and supporting a global, offshored service desk was superior. I have not had a better partner in a major transformation before like Jeff. He has tremendous energy and vision and a presence that was always both impactful and appropriate given need to respect the past but also create the future. Jeff is creative, has a deep appreciation for knowledge acquisition and sharing and has a service mindset helping drive customer satisfaction levels from an initial 33% to 85% and higher ongoing.

CIO, Central States Funds – Formally SVP, Global Operations & Transformation, Kantar

"I have worked with Jeff in three organizations and have followed his consultancy practices. He is a powerfully unique professional who has taken people management and leadership to a new level of understanding and execution. As the digital world continues to evolve and globalize, Jeff brings extraordinary skill and insight to people and organisations. Jeff’s many strengths include his ability to articulate and lead organizational change and transformation as well as a deep understanding of how to make organisations thrive - encompassing strategic talent vision, organizational design and structuring, talent acquisition and global workforce planning. He is also a great coach, especially with executive and C-level talent who want to unlock more of their potential. Finally, I would add that Jeff is a voracious learner who makes it a priority acquire new skills, understand important changes and trends in technology and leadership and makes a point of intimately understanding the business models of the organisations he works with to ensure the people strategies are intrinsically tied to the desired business outcomes."

CEO Brady PLC – Unbabel, Apica, Big Data Partnership, MetaPack, Control Circle, Copper Eye, MessageLabs

"Jeff supported our vendor search for a next generation employee engagement, performance management, development planning and career pathing platform - then selected and implemented Culture Amp into our organisation successfully." “I worked with Jeff during one of the most intense, transformative and rewarding quarters of my professional career. Jeff was key in implementing digital tools to support performance management, employee engagement and learning & development. We jointly developed career management projects and addressed sensitive issues in a company's day-to-day business. It was a transformative process for the whole company and especially for the People Ops team. Thank you, Jeff, for everything!”

VP International Expansion & People, Remote, People Operations Manager, Unbabel

"What you're doing is very exciting and business leaders will be smart if they listen to you. Jeff is one of few HR leaders that I've worked with, whom I felt added real value to me and the business. He is smart, knew the business, external drivers and was superb at identifying challenges and advising/teaching other leaders. He goes the extra mile. And though I don't think AI will ever replace HR as a profession, many businesses don't see HR as strategic because they are accustomed to an HR department that 'keeps them out of trouble' vs. adds value. Those leaders are probably the ones that will be looking for AI to replace their HR team. The play will be to assist that segment in applying AI and show them, as a byproduct, what strategic HR is all about. Jeff is the right guy to engage on that mission."

Chris Feeley
Strategic and Operational Telemedicine and Technology Leader at Psychiatry Networks.

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