About Us

We are your trusted experts in transforming your HR function into a Strategic Consultancy to your organisation – across people, process and technology.

Who Are Big Bear Partners?

We are your future of work experts who help bridge individual growth and achievement with high-performing organisations. 

We have deep experience with rapidly growing and ever-changing companies and are driven by our passion and obsession with technological advances that will positively affect the course of humanity. Big Bear Partners think holistically from the individual’s perspective as well as your company’s unique lens on the world.  

We work with a variety of industry experts and technologies and bring them in as SMEs when needed – whilst ensuring a cohesive, focused project management oversight to build bespoke solutions that achieve incredible outcomes.


What Is Your Why?

Why do you exist as a company? What do you want to achieve? Once we know that, Big Bear can create the people strategy to help you get there.

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Matching Personal Passion

Creating a highly targeted talent acquisition capability, that can build an attractive employer brand, create a fully autonomous AI-driven recruitment process, and source the highest quality talent on the market today. We seek to match your mission, passion, profession, and role with brilliant people whose values, identity, and desires match your culture.

Creating The Best Environment For High Performance

We will help you create the optimal conditions for inspiring your incredible people with brilliant leadership – working together to create a world-class performing team. We help you explore your HR technology stack and people analytics capabilities to accelerate, track and democratise critical insights for your employees, leadership and HR team. Embracing The Five Behaviors of High Performing Teams, as outlined by Patrick Lencioni in his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team helps you avoid dysfunctional team behaviour and embrace high performance norms.

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Anticipating And Preparing For Inflection Points

Big Bear experts have been through hyper-growth and global expansion. We’ve watched entrepreneurial cultures bend and often break under the strain of scale-up growth activity as well as restructuring and M&A activity – and can provide you the unique insight needed to steer your growth with awareness, intention and design – with people at the heart of your journey.  

We work with emerging, rapidly expanding companies to ensure as smooth a growth trajectory as possible. The mid-market (500 to 5,000 employees) is often where the pain for HR exists as they fought hard to get where they are, but now need to build strategic capability to optimise their company’s operational and growth opportunities.

Big Bear Partners Values:

Borrowed from some of the greatest success stories in recent times – every Big Bear Partner member needs to be able to answer these value statements in the affirmative 

I make balanced, value-based decisions despite ambiguity
I identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms
I think strategically, and can articulate what you are, and are not, trying to do
I am good at using data to inform your intuition
I make decisions based on the long term, not near term

Bringing your scale-up vision to life through intelligent people solutions

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